Our mission's mission is to end world thirst and deaths from water borne diseases using our unique stand-alone filters. We work together with religious leaders from developing countries and provide filters and educational training programs.  With every purchase of a water filtration system or filter we donate one set to a family in a developing country.


How do we do it?

1)  We ask for supporters to either Buy or/and Donate. We encourage other non-profit organizations to help raise funds by asking their supporters to help bring clean water to the world with their portable point of use filters. We all join forces to make the world better. The love we give, give us the wherewithal to love that much more. Each effort we put forth motivates us to make even greater effort. 

A  ZeroThirst water pot Initiative:  $150.00, when you buy the water pot, you provide clean drinking water filtration system for a family of 5 for an entire year. Every time, you buy a new filter, we donate a filter, you donate a filter to that family of 5. Every time, you drink from your ZeroThirst products, you are reminded of how fortunate you are and the family you’ve helped. 

2) We ask for Donations so we can use the Donors's donations to provide Portable Water Filters or Emergency Water Filtration Buckets for different relief projects such as Hurricane Disaster Relief, Shelter of the Homeless, etc..