Clean Drinking Water For Viet Nam

Critical Present Water condition in Vietnam:


  • Toxic waste dumping into the ground by foreign factories
  • Pesticides and chemical fertilizers in all the agricultural fields
  • Agent orange chemical (DDT) which was sprayed in the  mountain areas during the war before the fall of South Vietnam
  • Rainwater has become acid rain instead due to heavy pollution.

People used to drink water from rivers, lakes, wells, and rainwater without realizing that all water now is seriously contaminated. The city people may drink bottled water but the minorities and the poor people outside of the cities have no choice but continue to live on by their habits and their limited resource.




One life, one family at a time with stand-alone hydrogen-Alkaline filters to stir up Hope, Peace, and Gratitude in each human being with simple access to clean water without electricity, pump, wells, heavy machinery.

Together, we can make a difference and save lives. 


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